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Europe elopement photographer duo Based in Amsterdam & Rome

Crafting & capturing wildly authentic elopements

You feel like a traditional wedding no longer is – or never has been – for you?

Maybe the mere thought of months of planning, a stressful wedding day timeline, and the pressure to meet the expectations of family and friends ties a knot in your stomach.

Maybe you’re struggling to identify with the sometimes old-fashioned values and non-inclusive stereotypes that come with conventional wedding traditions.

when you imagine


You are doing what makes you come alive with the person you can be your weird whimsical self with.

You can feel your lungs breathe in the fresh morning air,  while you throw your hair in the wind and wander off into the world.

You celebrate the start of this new adventure together in a way that is truly reflective of who you two are.

The Dolomite mountains of the Cadini di Misurina are truly breathtaking at sunset, and so is the eloping couple on this outcrop in front of them
Vows are spoken on this alpine meadow in the Dolomites


A black and white couple eloping and hugging on the sandy heath

this day could be yours

well guess what

“Everything you can imagine is real”

— Pablo Picasso

Your wedding day can be as adventurous, different, eclectic, intimate, unique, off-the-beaten-path, personal and epic as you wish it to be. It can be all that and more.

We want you to be absolutely stoked about getting married to your favourite human. And we are 100% on your side in making that day happen.

hey there

We’re Isis & Bertus

We shoot intimate and adventurous elopements in Italy and across Europe. We are here to capture your love, your adventure, your story, just the way it feels.

Together we will craft a day that is truly about you. We’ll be there to walk you through every step of the process, from helping you find the perfect location for your vows, to creating an elopement day timeline, and sending you checklists of what to pack for your adventure. 

Isis and Bertus are fond of telling you their tale as two lovers, here is a shot of them in front of the mighty mountain Langkofel / Sasso Lungo

photographers & planning guides

what does ELOPING feel like?

Eloping feels genuine, authentic and free

Eloping is all about celebrating your love in the most intentional true-to-you way.

Eloping feels safe and intimate

Eloping is free of expectations and pressure. With just the two of you or only a few of your favourite people, you can create a space that is safe to be 100% yourself in.

Eloping is awe-inspiring

Eloping gives you the chance to say yes to your favourite human whenever and wherever you want. You can choose an awe-inspiring setting that takes your breath away for the first day of this new adventure together.

Their closed eyes while holding each others faces in their hands make that this couple really show how blissfull an small wedding can be

There are no words to describe how we feel. I feel tears welling up and an endless amount of gratitude for all that you have done for us. Thank you for the wonderful time, the intense moments, the relaxed chats and for your love. 

katarina + karel


Eloping couple stand on the beach and gaze over the ocean at the Costa del Sol in Spain

Isis’ pure and honest photos exceeded all our wildest expectations. We didn’t have a typical wedding, and didn’t want typical photos. Isis gave us a truly unique and true-to-us gallery, that we will treasure forever. 

sylvie + david
This lesbian couple chose to celebrate their love below the white cliffs of Calais



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