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Hi, Hallo, Ciao!

dreamers / adventurers / comfort creatures

we’re Isis and Bertus.

Hopeless romantics, dreamers, adventurers and comfort creatures (and YES we absolutely believe you can be both).
We’re pretty sure that we were both cats in our previous life, and we’re totally looking forward to spending our next seven lives together.
Night owls by nature, midnight is when inspiration usually strikes. However, we’re always happy to get out of bed early for an epic sunrise, breakfast picnic or setting off on a new adventure.
Road trips are our favourite and nature is our safe space. The mountains (and each other’s arms) are where we feel truly at home. We couldn’t ever choose between north and south, and we are as much in love with the mountains of Italy as with the Scottish Highlands.
We feel most ourselves when we’re in awe of the raw beauty of mother nature, admiring dramatic skies, an unexpected hailstorm, or the mysterious morning fog.


Why we shoot elopements

a manifesto of sorts


An elopement literally is A Tale of Two Lovers.
We are pretty hard-core introverts, and we truly feel that finding your human, the person you feel safe with and loved by, is one damn precious thing that deserves to be at the heart of your wedding celebration.


We believe in getting married to your favourite person in a way that feels genuine and meaningful, without any external pressure or expectations.
As far as we are concerned, getting married is something that’s best done in a space where you feel free to be yourselves.


We believe in weddings that don’t follow tradition just for the sake of it.
Instead, let’s bend the rules to fit you rather than the other way around. Eloping means having the freedom to cherry-pick the traditions that you vibe with and create your own new traditions.


Helping couples dream, craft, and live the actual best day of their lives on their wedding day is what feeds our souls.
Running off with you to the ends of the world and capturing the magic of your love is what makes our hearts sing.



Meet Isis

Isis comes truly alive in the mountains and among the trees

33 | belgian | lead photographer | lover of plants and flowers | forest fairy | filled with ideas | enthusiastic problem solver | hot tea in the winter + hot tea in the summer | yoga | long walks | wearing Bertus’ jammies all day long | long baths | dancing in the summer rain

Meet Bertus

Bertus has his eyes closed and enjoys the calm and beauty of this alpine lake at sunset

39 | dutch | horse riding on the beach | calm introvert | rock to build on | master of infectious belly laughs | location scouting hero | friendly packing mule | walking history & geography encyclopedia | cheese in all shapes and sizes | sunsets & campfire evenings

Are you ready to bend the rules together?

Their closed eyes while holding each others faces in their hands make that this couple really show how blissfull a small wedding can be

You, your story and your experience

are at the heart of our work

We’ll help you create a day that is fun and beautiful, relaxed and exciting at the same time, and that is 100% true to you.



Bertus leads Isis by the hand through the beautiful marshes of Scotland
Here we see half of our team sitting on a hill near Varese, with the high Alps behind him
Flowers at a wedding
fresh flowers please

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