Photo of a couple kissing after exchanging wedding rings in the sandy heath

more than just photographers

you, your story and your experience are at the heart of our work

That’s why we have to be so much more than just photographers. We make it our job to get to know you, to learn what’s important to you and what brings to joy.

We’ll help you create a day that is fun and beautiful, relaxed and exciting at the same time, and that is 100% true to you. From scouting the ceremony location of your dreams, to looking for the cutest AirBnb, to coming up with ideas for fun things to do, we have your back.

Helping couples dream, craft, and live the actual best day of their lives on their wedding day is what feeds our souls.


when it comes to documenting your elopement and the photography part of our job, this is our approach:


We love finding poetry and art in the unexpected. We are inspired by epic landscapes and dramatic skies.  

Black and white photo of a couple walking hand in hand through an alpine meadow, seen from behind.
This alpine hill is alive with the sounds of laughter from a eloping couple, enjoying the sunshine and the mountains at Passo Gardena


We believe that you are beautiful just the way you are, and that love doesn’t need detailed direction and posing. We’ll capture you, your joy, and your love authentically.

These eloping damsels have the time of their life, running on the French beach near Cape Gris-Nez


We choose emotion and connection over perfection always. We want to document the energy and the atmosphere of your elopement, so that you can forever remember what the day felt like, not only what it looked like.

hey there

We’re Isis & Bertus

we are here to support you on the magical journey of bringing your dream elopement to life



Eloping in Belgium or The Netherlands? Ask for our special price list.
Eloping outside of Europe? Get in touch for a custom quote.


a tale of the SUN and the MOON

Bride and groom standing on a rocky mountain platform in the sunshine - elopement in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Up to 16 hours of documentation

for an epic adventure all the way from sunrise to sunset




The Dolomite mountains of the Cadini di Misurina are truly breathtaking at sunset, and so is the eloping couple on this outcrop in front of them

Up to 12 hours of documentation

for an amazing activity-filled day of  hiking and exploring 



a tale of TWO LOVERS

A couple kissing at sunset in the beautiful hills of Tuscany

Up to 10 hours of documentation

for a sweet afternoon activity and saying “I do” in the golden evening light



a short tale of MAGIC

A beautiful bride has all the emotions as her groom slips the wedding ring on her finger

Up to 6 hours of documentation 

for a sunrise- or sunset-adventure centred around your ceremony and vows



unlimited consultations and planning help

customised location, vendor & activity recommendations that fit your personality and style

help with creating a personalised timeline for an unforgettable adventure

full-resolution digital images that capture the story of your day, delivered 6-8 weeks after your elopement day

private online gallery for downloading, sharing and printing your images

a lovingly designed heirloom quality mini wedding album

photographer travel and accommodation anywhere in europe



What’s included in your packages?

All of our elopement packages include photography, location and timeline help, professional editing, a shareable online gallery, high resolution and web-size downloads, a mini heirloom album, photographer travel fees and vat/tax.
All packages have the option of adding on a custom designed luxury heirloom album.

How many images will we get?

The number of images in your final gallery depends a lot on the time-line of your day as well as the number of people attending. We don’t have a set number of images we deliver, but you can expect a minimum of around 50 images per hour of coverage.

When do we get to see our images?

You’ll get a small preview of your pictures no later than 1 week after your wedding day and the full edited gallery delivered to your inbox within 8 weeks from your wedding date.

You said the photos will be edited. What does that mean?

We carefully select the best images from your day and its most important moments and edit those. The photos that don’t make it into this selection are: duplicates (identical shots, often made in burst mode), unflattering ones, under- or over-exposed images, unsharp or otherwise defect photos. We may include or create technically imperfect pictures if we feel they have artistic or emotional value or if they support the atmosphere.
All photos that we select for the final gallery will be post-processed in line with the images you see in our portfolio. This includes colour correction, optimising brightness and contrast, and basic skin retouching removing temporary blemishes like red spots or pimples. That said, we do not heavily alter images, as we strongly believe that you are beautiful just the way you are.
We don’t give out unedited images. So much of the magic that makes up an image happens in post-processing and it’s a huge part of our signature photography style.

Do you travel?

Yes, we most certainly do, both for work and for pleasure! We are from Belgium and The Netherlands, have a second home in central Italy and between us we have traveled to France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Morocco, Australia, Canada and the USA. We love travelling together and road-trips are our favourite!

What does "travel fees included" mean?

Travel included means that our own travel and accommodation expenses to and from a destination that can be reached by a commercial airline and a standard 2-wheel-drive car are included within our prices. If your destination can only be reached by helicopter, private boat, with a 4-wheel drive car, or with any other special means of transport, these extra expenses are not covered in our standard packages.

We know that we want to elope, but we’re not yet sure where?

No worries! Helping you find the perfect locations for your day is one of our favourite parts of the job. We are very well traveled in Europe and have our own magic technique for location scouting online.

We haven’t decided on a date yet. Can we still get more information?

Of course! In fact, if you contact us we might be able to help you figure out the best time of year to elope in your specific location. Or we could recommend locations based on the time-frame you’re looking to elope in. In the meantime we can check our availability and travel schedule for you to see what would work.

Are you also a wedding planner?

While we absolutely love providing you with tips and information to help you plan your dream elopement, we are not a wedding planner. We can assist you with finding locations, vendors and making your wedding day timeline and such, but we can’t actually book anything for you.
If you do want a planner to help you with booking your wedding and travel arrangements, we are happy to recommend the best local planners who are experienced with planning elopements.

Can you recommend other wedding professionals for our elopement?

Wether you are based outside of Europe or are traveling to another country in Europe, we can help suggest the best local wedding/elopement vendors, places to stay and things to do! Finding vendors such as a makeup artist, officiant or florist in a foreign language can totally feel intimidating, but we have a big international network of wedding professionals at your disposal.

Can you recommend a trusted videographer?

Yes, we have several videographers throughout Europe that we thoroughly enjoy working with and that match our shooting style that we’re happy to recommend to you.

Will we need to hire an officiant and bring witnesses?

This depends on wether you choose to have a symbolic ceremony on your elopement day and arrange the legal wedding at home before or after your elopement, or wether you choose to have the legal ceremony on your elopement day. Getting legally married in the outdoors is not possible in every European country, or only in limited locations or circumstances. If you are set on getting legally married at your destination we do strongly advise to use the services of a planner who is experienced in these matters and can relieve you of all the paperwork stress.
If you choose to have a symbolic ceremony but feel uncomfortable leading the ceremony yourselves, you can still hire an officiant who will put together a meaningful and personal ceremony with you.

Can we include friends and family in our elopement?

Yes you can! Your elopement doesn’t have to be just the two of you. There are plenty of ways to include your most loved people into your elopement day and we’re more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you. We shoot elopements with up to 25 guests.

Do we have to hike on our elopement day?

Of course not! We are all for doing the things that YOU love on your elopement day, and if hiking isn’t one of those that’s totally okay. If your vision includes horse riding, boating, strolling around a quiet Italian village or chilling by the lakeside or in a hot spring, we are game.

Can we still have an adventurous elopement if we aren’t hardcore adventurers?

Yes! We believe that adventure comes in many shapes and sizes, and we honestly aren’t super hardcore adventurers ourselves. We love hiking, kayaking and horse riding (Bertus does, that is), but you won’t find us rock climbing or white water rafting or paragliding any time soon. Exploring the Italian countryside on a Vespa can be as much of an adventure as any of those.
However, if you still want an adventurous and epic feel in your photos without having to hike miles on end, we know how to find just those spots for you.

We’re awkward in front of the camera, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not! We know exactly how you feel, and every single couple that we have photographed before you said the same thing. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and free to be yourselves in front of our camera, and we take this job very seriously. To enable us to do that we have a very personal approach, we’ll be pretty involved with you and your planning process, and we’ll have talked a few times on the phone/Skype so that by the time we meet in real life it will almost feel like meeting old friends. None of the couples you see in our portfolio are professional models, they are all real couples with their own flavour of awkward, just like you and us. We’ve made epic and authentic images with all of them, and we’ll do the same for you.

How many hours of photography do we need?

That depends on what you have planned for your elopement/wedding day! Some couples center their elopement around sunrise, others around sunset, and even others have a sunrise to sunset day.
We wholeheartedly believe in documenting your day from beginning to end. Even if your day will be vastly different from any traditional wedding, this is still your wedding. It’s going to be incredible, and it deserves to be documented in it’s full glory. There’s so much poetry in those shots of you getting ready in your beautiful AirBnb, or having a candle lit dinner or a cosy picnic watching the sun go down.
That being said, it’s totally ok when you don’t yet have a complete overview of what your day will be like at the time you book with us. In that case we recommend booking our smallest half-day package and upgrading to a higher package later. Part of our service is helping you figure out all those details by showing you sample timelines, and crafting a timeline for your day together.

How far in advance should we book?

Most of our couples book between 6 and 18 months in advance. But we have also shot last-minute elopements where the couple contacted us less than a month beforehand. We don’t usually take bookings more than 18 months in advance, however as soon as you know your date or have a rough idea of when you want to get married, don’t hesitate to get in touch.